Stainless steel pipes for petroleum cracking and hydrogenation
The hydrocracking unit is the core unit in petrochemical projects, with high temperature, high pressure, and high sulfur content, which requires high safety and stability of the unit. The hydrogenation furnace tube is also a crucial component of the hydrogenation device.

Our company has many years of production experience and technical accumulation in hydrogenation furnace tubes. We strictly inspect the selection of raw materials and use first-class domestic and foreign steelmaking enterprises for tube failures.
Material selection suggestions
The pipe material is considered to be resistant to high temperature and pressure, high creep strength, high fatigue performance, and high-temperature flue gas corrosion.
Common materials
success cases
Our company adopts the strictest testing methods to conduct 100% eddy current testing, 100% ultrasonic testing, penetration testing, and water pressure testing on the hydrogenation furnace tubes.