Stainless steel U-tubes/straight tubes for boiler heat exchangers
Baofeng has a 70 meter long cold drawing equipment, which enables the maximum length of heat exchange tubes to reach 53 meters. Combined with the introduction of bright annealing furnace equipment from South Korea and Japan, the heat exchange tubes have good dimensional tolerance, excellent internal and external surface quality, and good material performance. According to customer requirements, the heat exchange tubes can be cold bent or hot bent into U-shaped tubes, coil processing, etc。
Material selection suggestions
The pipe material is considered to be resistant to high temperature and pressure, high creep strength, high fatigue performance, and high-temperature flue gas corrosion 。
Common materials
success cases
Baofeng's eddy current and ultrasonic flaw detection machines can detect steel pipes and U-shaped pipes within 32 meters, leading the detection capabilities of its peers.